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Sealand vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds


In 1967, Sealand was founded as a sovereign Principality on a military fortress, seven miles from the eastern shores of Britain. Sealand’s history and adventure has been defined by armed invasion attempts, the fighting of legal battles, countering a coup d'état and surviving natural disaster while remaining fiercely independent. Upon the declaration of independence, the founding Bates family raised the Sealand flag, pledging freedom and justice to all who lived under it. Like independent countries, Sealand has created many goods and services such as a functioning government, passports, permanent population, constitution, currency, and stamps. The Bates family governs the independent state of Sealand as hereditary royal rulers. 

Sealand has periodically issued coins throughout it's existence. The first coins, issued in the 1970's were made of sterling silver or gold. Coins issued from 2012 and onward were also made of sterling silver and minted by The Tower Mint. However, the 1994 Orca series from Sealand was minted in .999 Fine Silver and .999 Fine Gold. Several denominations were minted in silver including the 25 cent piece (1/2 Oz; mintage of 500), the 50 cent piece (1 Oz; mintage of 500), the $1 piece (1 Oz; mintage of 20,000), and the $2.50 (5 Oz; mintage of 500). No other issues currently were minted with .999 Fine Silver. The Orca series was minted by The Collector's Mint.


Sealand Products

     • 25 cent Orca 1/2 Oz round (1994)
     • 50 cent Orca 1 Oz round (1994)
     • $1 Orca 1 Oz round (1994)
     • $2.50 Orca 1 Oz round (1994)

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