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SilTex vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds


Very little is known about SilTex. One of the possibilities is that it was a privately owned company based in California. Regardless of its history, it left traces of itself in the silver rounds which exist today. There are two known SilTex rounds, neither of which are dated. One of the rounds is known as the SilTex Adler (German for eagle) which depicts an eagle with floral scrollwork. The other round is a Statue of Liberty centennial round. This round depicts the statue of Liberty on the obverse and a logo with a large S on the reverse. It is virtually identical to the Statue of Liberty rounds produced by Reliable Corp which points to some relationship between SilTex and Reliable Corp. Both rounds appear to have been minted in the late 1970's to early 1980's and were minted with .999 Fine Silver.


SilTex Products

     • Siltex Adler 1 Oz round
     • Undated Statue of Liberty 1 Oz round

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