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Southern Bullion Trading
Silver bullion rounds minted by Southern Bullion Trading

Southern Bullion Trading

Southern Bullion Trading began operations in 2009 as a jewelry store that that bought and sold bullion, coins, paper money, pre-owned watches, diamonds and all forms of gold and silver. The Company s aggressively expanded its operations, opening 12 new locations in fiscal 2010 and six in 2011. In 2011 DGSE Companies, Inc. acquired SBT and the name was changed to Southern Bullion Coin & Jewelry. Many of the individual locations are still in business today.

While in operation as Southern Bullion Trading, it had its own refinery, where gold and other metals were melted and resold. They were able to purchase gold and silver items directly from the customers while offering higher prices because of their refining capabilities. While the vast majority of their refined precious metals were probably sold to industries, they did produce one commercial round for retail sale. It bore the name Southern Bullion Trading and a picture of a bull. It was scored on the reverse to allow it to be broken into four separate pieces. This fairly rare round was the only known round produced and was minted with .999 Fine Silver.


Southern Bullion Trading Products

     • Undated divisible 1 Oz round depicting a bull

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