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TenTex vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds


TenTex Inc. was a small minting and refining that is intertwined with what is now known as Sunshine Minting. It incorporated in 1979 in Chino, California and was based there until 1984. The name was an amalgamation of the birth states of the owner and his wife (Tennessee and Texas). The company’s primary focus was set on making silver rounds and silver bars for bullion dealers and marketing agencies across the country and it quickly gained recognition for its quality and reliability.

Five years after its inception, Sunshine Mining, a mining enterprise based out of Kellogg, Idaho, acquired TenTex. The company shifted its operations from Chino to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho that year, and took on the name – Sunshine Bullion Company. The Sunshine Bullion Company expanded its client-base significantly and launched a line of exceptional silver bullion products – the famous Sunshine Silver Eagle Rounds. This series caught on quickly and attracted buyers from every section of the precious metals market, and it still does even to this day. However, these Silver Eagle rounds are not to be confused with the American Silver Eagle coins, which are coins struck by the US Mint, materializing over a year later in 1986.

After close to a decade, Sunshine Mines decided to sell the minting arm of its company. The founders bought back their business and formed another private limited company with the all-familiar name we know today – Sunshine Minting, Inc. Although Sunshine Minting struggled for survival for over three years until 1997, it finally landed a contract to supply 1 Oz pure silver planchets to the US mint, with a little help from a Johnson Matthey across the border in Canada.

During the early years while going under the name TenTex, it produced a variety of bars and round. One of the nicer products was a set of Zodiac rounds produced in 1983. It also produced several commercial silver trade rounds with common themes such as Eagle/Bell, Liberty Bell, and Abraham Lincoln. All of its products were minted with .999 Fine Silver. Its mint mark is an outlined "T".


TenTex Products

     • Silver Trade Unit with various obverses (e.g., Eagle/Bell, Lincoln, Eagle)
     • Zodiac 1 Oz rounds (1983)

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