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The International Mint
The International Mint vintage silver bullion rounds

The International Mint

Not much is known about the history of The International Mint. It was in operation from roughly 1969 to 1978. The mint was formed as a subsidiary of The Robbins Company based in Attleboro, MA. In testifying before Congress concerning the 1976 production of commemorative Bicentennial medals, the spokesman for the company indicated that it had roughly 400 employees.

Throughout their existence, they were known to have minted several commemorative medals. Two of the most prominent sets were a set of 27 Men in Space medals and a set of 30 medals titled "A Nation of Riflemen". Each of these sets consisted of 20 gram rounds minted with .999 fine silver. The Rifleman set was also minted in platinum (10 sets) and palladium (100 sets). Mintage was limited to the exact number of orders and roughly 4,000 are thought to have been produced.


The International Mint Products

     • Men in Space 20 gram rounds (1969-1971)
     • A Nation of Riflemen 20 gram rounds (1971-1975)
     • Miscellaneous commemorative bars and medals

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