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Trident Silver
Silver bullion rounds minted by Trident Silver

Trident Silver

Trident Silver is a relatively new mint from the United States which began operations in 2012. They specialize in high quality, fine silver bars in various weights with captivating artwork and low premiums. They also produce silver rounds, poured silver bars and 3D pieces, all of which are branded with the company's logo; a trident. One of their stated goals is to revolutionize how silver bars and rounds are designed, transforming the mundane into something with more collector appeal while maintaining low premiums. The bars are minted in 1 Oz, 5 Oz, 10 Oz, 50 Oz, 100 Oz and 1 Kilo sizes with larger sizes in the works.

There are currently two, 1 Oz .999 Fine Silver rounds available from Trident. The first featuring the Roman God Neptune clutching his powerful trident with abstract waves in the background. The second coin features the captivating Thalassa, the primordial goddess of the sea. She is shown partially submerged in the sea surrounded by crashing waves and aquatic life.


Trident Silver Products

     • 1 Oz Neptune round
     • 1 Oz Thalassa round

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