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These babies have a somewhat hazy history; APMEX says "Minted and distributed by M & B Mining Inc, which was founded in 1969 in Las Vegas, Nevada and disappeared in the early 1970's. But then they list the Manufacturer as Wade-Ventures, who made something similar in 1973 called a "Mundinero". I've also read these were minted by "Inter-Mint of Colton, California"; NGC just says “made in California”; and I’ve also read that "Universaro rounds were minted in 1970-1972 by a company called Graybar Silver Mint Mortgage out of Salt Lake City." So the mysteries surrounding these rounds, who are the five dudes supposed to be ?

NGC world coin guide dates 1972 through 1975 with over 2,000,000 minted from California. The Omega symbol sure looks like M&B mining, making M&B the primary contender for who made them. And depending on where you look for these, including Apmex, that is the information given under product info. A second contender is Inter-Mint of Colton, California. This website supports that theory, as do some others.

My own information, based on its listing in the Unusual World Coin catalog, states that the Universaro was said to be made by the Inter-Mint in Colton, California. Another coin, called the Mundinero was made by "Wade-Ventures". The Universaro pieces exist from '72, '73, '74, and '75. The Mundinero pieces are from '73. But my knowledge of the dates may be incomplete. My only "theory" is that the Universaro coins and the Mundinero coins were made by the same people. They both have similar lettering and just look like "siblings". Have you seen the Mundinero coins? If you go to the coin-section on e-Bay, and search for Mundinero (and Universaro, for that matter), you will find plenty of them. It's my understanding the coins were produced in the early 70s by the International Mint Corporation and often marketed to those described today as "survivalists." The coins, I believe are one troy ounce of 99.999 "fine silver." A company brochure, I recall, had an illustration of a rather unattractive woman with a wheel barrow full of money trying to buy a loaf of bread, all to no avail. Today, it would be a gallon of gas. IMC, I believe also produced objects d'art, such as ram sculptures, etc. made of their silver. As far as those five heads depicted on one side of the coin, I believe those were supposed to be the five major races of the world. Value of the one ounce coin, I believe, would be determined by the current market value of silver.

Universaro rounds were minted in 1970-1972 by a company called Graybar Silver Mint Mortgage out of Salt Lake City. They had a few silver mines and some silver reclamation projects out of old film, x-rays, etc. There main business was playing the silver market, they predicted the rise during that era and rode the wave. Bob Graybar was the principle, and was a Mormon. The others were investment and marketing partners, but not Mormons. I know this because my Dad was a partner, and we moved up to Vancouver to start the Canadian office, called Silver Mint Mortgage, LTD. That was in Summer 1972. Unfortunately, Bob was down in Salt Lake buying silver futures at the top of the market, when he should have been selling them, and the the company went bankrupt. I still have a few bars and coins from my dad's collection."

Gra-born Inc, patented "Universaro" in 1972 on behalf of the International Silver Mint Corporation

In 1968 Robert Grabar and his wife, Lela Osborn Grabar (hereafter Lela Osborn), formed the International Silver Mint Corporation, a Nevada corporation, which was involved in buying and selling raw silver, silver bars and silver coins. The Grabars were divorced in 1973 and the Utah decree purported to effect a liquidation of International Silver Mint Corporation and a division of its assets. Shortly after the divorce, Mr. Grabar formed the IMC Mint Corporation, which is a defendant in this action.

Just prior to the 1973 divorce, Mr. Grabar had formed a Utah corporation, International Mint Corporation, and Mrs. Grabar had organized the Intermint Corporation, a Nevada corporation. These companies and the IMC Mint Corporation carried on the same activities that were previously conducted by International Silver Mint Corporation.


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