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US Silver Corp
US Silver Corp vintage 1 Oz silver bullion rounds

US Silver Corp

There were several companies in the precious metal industry that have gone by the name of United States Silver Corporation (USSC). These companies were based in such varied states as Pennsylvania, Idaho, and Texas. None of these, however, were the companies which produced the United States Silver Corporation bars and rounds in the early to mid 1970's because they did not exist during the time those items were minted. Those products were produced by the United States Silver Corporation based out out Van Nuys, California. This company was incorporated in 1958 and changed it's name in 1978 to Continental Coin Corporation.

During the time the company was known as USSC, it produced a variety of products, mostly in silver, but at least one bar in platinum. Most of the silver products were bars of varying sizes such as 1 Oz art bars and larger 5 Oz and 100 Oz poured bars. Relatively few rounds are known to have been produced. There are two known obverses, both eagles, and two known reverses, one with a map of the globe and one with a map of North America. The reverse with the global map is dated 1974 and is only found on one of the obverses. The map from North America can be found with both of the obverses. All of the rounds produced were minted with .999 Fine Silver.


United States silver Corporation Products

     • Flying Eagle 1 Oz obverse (with global map and North America reverses)
     • Morgan Eagle 1 Oz obverse with North America reverse

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