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Whitman vintage 1 Oz  silver bullion rounds


Whitman Publishing is the leading producer of numismatic reference books, supplies, and products to display and store coins and paper money. Whitman Publishing has been in the numismatic and philatelic publishing field for almost 90 years. Their flagship titles have been the “Bibles” of the hobby since 1942 (the Blue Book) and 1946 (the Red Book). Whitman’s coin boards, folders, and albums have organized and displayed hundreds of thousands of coin collections for generations.

In 1986, Whitman began to produce a series of 1 Oz rounds celebrating the anniversaries of the numismatic Red Book and Blue Book guidebooks. For much of the series, the coins depicted popular or well-known coin issues on the obverse. The reverse of each round contains the Whitman logo. Two rounds were produced each year, one for the Red Book and one for the Blue Book. Order forms for these rounds were printed in each of the guidebooks. The rounds were minted with 1 Oz .999 Fine Silver and with a proof-like finish. It is unknown who minted the rounds and the mintages are unknown but fairly limited. The series came to an end in 1997.


Whitman Products

     • Whitman 1 Oz Blue Book rounds (1986-1997)
     • Whitman 1 Oz Red Book rounds (1986-1997)

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