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World Mint Corp
World Mint Corp vintage 1 Oz  silver bullion rounds

World Mint Corp

The World Mint Corp as a refiner based out of Phoenix, Arizona during the early to mid 1970's. They incorporated in 1971 and produced bars and rounds until roughly 1975. By 1977 the corporation became inactive. 

The company predominately produced silver bars, with the most common being 5 Oz. They also produced 3 Oz, 10 Oz, and 100 Oz bars each of which is marked with the company logo of a globe along with the name "WORLD MINT". Throughout their existence, they were only known to have produced one round.  In 1973, they minted a 1 Oz round depicting a prospector on the obverse and their logo on the reverse. All products minted by World Mint Corp were made with .999 Fine Silver.


World Mint Corp Products

     • 1973 1 Oz Prospector round

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